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Latest News From the Blog

Tour de France

Posted 21 Jul 2012   02:41 GMT

Another beautiful Tour de France. We are only three days away from the final stage in Paris and Bradley Wiggins will win.

Last night watching stage 21, I saw Mark Cavendish power from the poursuivants, catch the tĂȘte de course and just drive past still accelerating. The lead group had nothing to say. It was a simply awesome display of power and assertiveness.

Wiggins will win, of course, having led from stage 7 and Peter Sagan is the tremendous new ...

Shell Function To Decode and View Cache & Cookie Date-Time

Posted 16 Jul 2012   03:53 GMT

I was checking how a server was returning cache and cookie times and needed something to view the timestamp in normal, human-readable date time. The timestamp (e.g. 1340325256487) is a unix datetime (i.e. time from the epoch of 01-01-1970 0:00 UTC) expressed in milliseconds.

You can show the datetime of epoch dates using the date unix command:


Fairfax To Move To Pay-wall

Posted 8 Jul 2012   03:39 GMT

Yesterday, Fairfax (publishers of The Age and The Sydney Morning-Herald) announced 1,900 job cuts and that online editions would move behind a pay-wall.

Many of the job cuts will come from journalists, but the majority will come from the production areas such as printing. A sign of the times and unfortunate for those workers in obsolete technology who will be impacted. (I'm not being cruel; it is obvious to Blind Freddie that printers as a mass industry will go the way of the textile workers who were replaced by mechanical looms and gave the word "luddite".) ...

God Particle: Higgs Boson Found

Posted 4 Jul 2012   03:08 GMT

It looks like the Higgs boson has been confirmed (source: The Age).

The Age is still perpetuating the myth that it is called the God particle because it gives all other particles their mass. Actually, it came from a frustrated early researcher who called it the god-damn particle because it was so hard to find. So, small "g" please if you follow the latest style guides for slang. ...

Australia Gets R+ Rating For Games

Posted 20 Jun 2012   02:00 GMT

At long last, Australia gets its R rating (adults only) for computer games. The Commonwealth has passed the necessary legislation in the last few days, and the States have agreed to implement their complementary legislation this year. The implementation date is January 2013.

Previously, our highest rating was M15, which means suitable for over-15 year olds. Any game that warranted a more restricted rating was refused classification, which meant it was illegal to sell in Australia. We were the only western country in the world to ban ...

Popular Opinion

According to my Wii's weekly online pop quiz, my answers are often quite a fair way away from popular opinion. I have no idea if that means I'm about to be crowned King or stoned for my villainy.

260 metres is the furthest I've been.

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