Rails Tutorial

· 28 December 2011 ·

   1 min read

This is a lost post from my early blogs around 2012, rediscovered and posted here in mid-2020

Spent the last day or two doing Michael Hartl’s excellent Ruby on Rails tutorial.

I had a vague idea I wanted to learn Ruby, but once I googled for tutorials it became pretty clear that Rails was the way to go for web-based apps. Michael’s tutorial got lots of recommendations, so I jumped right in.

It is very good. I’m an experienced programmer, so the basics of setting up the environment weren’t much different from Python’s virtualenv and quite straightforward. Michael covers it in enough detail for even the beginning programmer.

The basics of database and HTTP were also covered and Rails makes it very easy, excitingly so as you don’t have to deal with any of the numbing complexity.

I’m about half-way through and enjoying it a lot. Recommended for beginners and pros alike.