Blog Setup Completed Finally

· 27 June 2020 ·

   2 min read

The only thing left with the blog was to add a commenting system. Hugo’s default is Disqus, but I didn’t want that for the usual reasons of lack-of-privacy and bloat. After searching around, I looked at isso and commento.

Commento needs Postgres whereas isso uses the much lighter SQLite. Since I get only a few comments, it’s isso first up.

The first obstacle is that the pip install succeeds, but isso run fails immediately with

from werkzeug.wsgi import SharedDataMiddleware
ImportError: cannot import name 'SharedDataMiddleware'

Why does pip have a version that doesn’t run?

Let’s try the github version. Clone and run develop.

error: The 'Flask' distribution was not found and is required by flask-caching

Ok, install flask. Why wasn’t this taken care of automatically?

ERROR: Package 'itsdangerous' requires a different Python: 3.5.3 not in '>=3.6'

Well, that’s just peachy. I’m not going to install Python 3.6 on the off-chance it will solve the problem, that’s jumping down the rabbit-hole. For what it’s worth, I did try the install version, but got a syntax error[1] during the build! Then there are 150 open issues on github, some of them years old. Not super confidence-inspiring hence deciding to avoid the rabbit hole.

Enough jumping through hoops. The VPS that is running this commenting engine is empty, so running postgres shouldn’t be an issue for it. Let’s try commento!

I ran through this mildly involved setup and it worked. Straight up. Simple as that. Leave a comment!

File "/tmp/easy_install-0mv11wgy/MarkupSafe-2.0.0a1/src/markupsafe/", line 83
    return f"{self.__class__.__name__}({super().__repr__()})"
SyntaxError: invalid syntax