Blog Setup Not Complete

· 18 June 2020 ·

   1 min read

Setup is not complete, it turns out. I had been using the preview server to view my changes and everything looked fine as in my last post. But when I went to deploy the content over to the live server, I could not get the deployment to work. Most of the styling was missing and the site looked like a brutal minimalist site[1].

I spent an entire afternoon working on it with Github, Gitlab and Netlify, but with no success. Then I opened index.html in my browser and it was the same. I threw my hands in the air and gave up.

Back to Hugo. At least I can deploy it. Now to find a theme that implements search, comments, and taxonomies.

[1] I had set the root of the blog to a non-existent domain, so none of the css or javascript was being picked up. User error. Once I fixed the root to the actual domain, everything looked fine. I could have stuck with zola after all.