Starting Out

· 14 June 2020 ·

   1 min read

I’ve started blogging after a six year break.

This is a new blog using the Hugo static website generator written in Go. It’s super fast at creating the site, less than 1 second.

Let’s go <ahem>. Here’s some dummy content to test things out.

Test highlighting with some code examples:

if i < 10; then
    i = 10

Looks good apart from the closing fi. I had to change the markdown from two tabs to eight spaces for i = 10 though, otherwise the indentation wasn’t recognised as markdown. [later] I changed from using indentation to establish a code block to using three backticks ``` to mark out the block. I now don’t have to worry about indentation meaning something under markdown instead of being part of the code.

i = 10 if i < 10

Looks ok.

So that’s in-line code and code blocks tested along with some formatting. Now to add a comments engine, search, and a contact page.